The Motivation Breakthrough: Motivating the Struggling Learner


Rick Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.
Executive Producer, “The F.A.T. City Workshop: Understanding Learning Disabilities”

April 29, 2015

  • 4:30pm-6:30pm or
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm

Fordham University Law School
Constantinos Room 2-02

In a recent survey, 1000 teachers described 30% of their students as “unmotivated” or “disengaged”. In the same survey, 60% of students reported that their teachers and curriculum were “not motivating” and “uninspiring”.

The motivational strategies that we currently use in our classrooms (reward systems, punishment, competition, etc) are, simply, ineffective for many students.

This seminar — based on the presenter’s forty years experience as a special educator, administrator, author, consultant, and motivational speaker — will demonstrate an innovative, field-tested approach to motivate struggling students in the K-12 classroom. Specific strategies will be presented that can be used at school.

Please RSVP to Linda at by April 15.


This workshop is proudly presented by the federally-funded grant program Project REACH (Rigor, Equity, and Access through Collaboration in Higher Education to Support Students with High-Incidence Disabilities).



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