PES Newsflash

The PES Newsflash is a weekly news roundup from the Counseling and Counseling Psychology and School Psychology departments.

Dissertation Oral Defenses

Congratulations to the following students who successfully defended their dissertations!

Patricia Clauser
“Parenting Style as it Relates to Parenting Stress and Behavioral Outcome in Children with Autism”
Mentor: Dr. Yi Ding
Readers: Dr. Eric Chen and Dr. Su-Je Cho

Neil Crane
“Domain Specific Metacognitive Calibration in Children with Learning Disabilities”
Mentor: Dr. Akane Zusho
Readers: Dr. Anthony Cancelli and Dr. Yi Ding

Elizabeth S. Kwan
“Internalized Stereotypes and Ethnic Identity as Predictors of Self-Esteem and Help-Seeking in Chinese Americans”
Mentor: Dr. Abigail Harris
Readers: Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor and Dr. Joseph Ponterotto

Kathryn Rossbach
“Multicultural Personality, Cultural Intelligence, Everyday Multicultural Competence, and their Relation to Positive Psychology Factors”
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Ponterotto
Readers: Dr. Abigail Harris and Dr. John Houtz

Kristin Tortorici
“Examining the Role of Classroom Environment on Peer Comparisons and Academic Outcomes Among Pre-Adolescents”
Mentor: Dr. Akane Zusho
Readers: Dr. Fran Blumberg and Dr. Anthony Cancelli

Gregory Welikson
“Experiences of Unemployment in Young Adulthood Following the 2007-2009 Economic Recession”
Mentor: Dr. Margo Jackson
Readers: Dr. Akane Zusho, Dr. Joseph Ponterotto

Jessica Whitney
“Caring for a Son with Anorexia: The Psychosocial Impact on Mothers”
Mentor: Dr. Merle Keitel
Readers: Dr. Joseph Ponterotto and Dr. Melissa Parisi

Student and Faculty Presentations

Jessica Williams presented a poster based on her dissertation, “Advergames as a Developmental Challenge to Children’s Processing of Persuasive Messages,” at the ICPS conference in Amsterdam, March 13, 2015.

Co-authors on the poster were members of her committee, Dr. Fran Blumberg and Dr. Caroline J. Oates of the University of Sheffield, UK.

Faculty Presentations

Dr. Fran Blumberg moderated a roundtable discussion, “Addressing the decrease in access to child and adolescent participants: Creative solutions and considerations,” at this year’s Society of Research in Child Development conference.

The panel included Peter Ornstein of UNC-Chapel Hill, Alexandra of Wilfrid Laurier University, and Josh Brown and Celia Fisher of Fordham University-Rose Hill.



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