“Aisha Holder, GSE ’15: Imagining a Corporate Ladder with Rungs for All”

Photo by Michael Dames

Aisha Holder’s parents inspired her at an early age to live life with ‘grace, integrity, and decency.’

‘They reinforced the importance of using my talents to be of service to others and create value,’ she said.

As a black woman who rose to the rank of vice president in corporate human resources at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Holder triumphed in the difficult climb through an environment that is predominately white and male.

But she knows of many women and minorities who have plateaued in their careers for lack of networks and role models, unable to realize their full talents.

‘Often times, women and people of color don’t get that opportunity to meet with power brokers or others with influence,’ said Holder. ‘And if you are from a historically marginalized group, you don’t always have a sponsor or mentor who looks like you.’

As she graduates today with a doctorate in counseling psychology from the Graduate School of Education (GSE), Holder hopes to combine college-level teaching with clinical work and corporate consulting. As the child of a professor and as a 13-year veteran of the corporate world, the Brooklyn native has a deep affinity for both areas.

Read Aisha’s full profile on Fordham News.



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