“New Major Motion Picture Owes Its Historical Accuracy to Fordham Education Professor “

“It’s not often that your name appears as a movie credit alongside Tobey Maguire’s.

“It does today, however, for Graduate School of Education psychologist Joseph G. Ponterotto, PhD.

“A professor of counseling psychology, Ponterotto is the historical consultant on a new major motion picture, Pawn Sacrifice, a drama about enigmatic world chess champion Bobby Fischer and his struggles to walk the fine line between genius and madness.
Bobby Fischer Pawn Sacrifice Joseph Ponterotto

“The film, which stars Tobey Maguire, Peter Sarsgaard, and Liev Schreiber and is co-produced by Maguire and Gail Katz (The Perfect Storm and Air Force One), opens today in New York and Los Angeles, and then nationally on Sept. 25.

“Ponterotto, whose 2012 book A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer is the definitive psychological profile of the late chess prodigy, worked closely with Katz to review the script for historical accuracy and to write dialogue that captures Fischer’s personality. He also advised on Fischer’s behavior and interactions at chess matches—diehard chess fans will know when the film is being true to Bobby’s chess genius and when it is taking creative license, Ponterotto said.”

Read the full story at Fordham News.

Photo by Chris Taggart



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