“Mentoring of Teachers Pays Off for Schools, New Book Says”

Photo by Chris Gosier

Too often in our schools, new teachers are expected to “sink or swim” on their own without help from mentors, says Carlos McCray, EdD. And that, he says, needs to change.

“Every new teacher needs a mentor,” said McCray, a professor in Fordham’s Graduate School of Education and co-editor of a new book that he hopes will prompt educators to give mentoring new attention.

Published Sept. 6, Mentoring with Meaning: How Educators Can Be More Professional and Effective (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015) is a collection of articles about mentoring teachers at all levels, from kindergarten through college and graduate school. McCray and his co-editor, Bruce Cooper, PhD, a now-retired GSE professor, also have a companion volume—Mentoring for School Quality, focused more on kindergarten through 12th grade—coming out Oct. 1.

Read the full story at Fordham News.



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