Education Reform May Need Reforming Itself, Expert says


Photo by Michael Dames

School leaders have to be willing to question educational reforms that are doing nothing to end racial inequality in America—even if those reforms are central to their own jobs and careers, according to an expert who studies the plight of black boys and young men.

“Reforming Education Reform: Leadership and Transmitting Inequality in Schools” was the title of the Dec. 7 talk at Fordham by James Earl Davis, PhD, holder of the Bernard C. Watson Endowed Chair in Urban Education at Temple University.

He was delivering the third annual Barbara L. Jackson, EdD, Lecture, named for the late professor and division chair in Fordham’s Graduate School of Education. Davis called her a “national treasure” and exemplar of the kind of questioning spirit that school leaders need.

“I have an enduring fondness and appreciation for [Professor] Jackson and her place in the tradition of race and gender studies that shattered long-held assumptions about what mattered academically and intellectually,” he said.

Read the full story at Fordham News.



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