PBIS Intervention Workshop for PES Students, Faculty, and Staff

ProjectREACHTuesday, October 11, 2016
Lowenstein Building, 12th Floor Lounge, Gerald Corrigan Conference Center

Workshop 1
4:50-6:50 p.m.
Tier 1 Interventions

Workshop 2
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Tier 2 & 3 Intervention Strategies

Presented by Dr. Laura Riffel
Dr. Laura A Riffel has over 30 years of experience as a general education and special education teacher, resource teacher, state program leader, director of a day clinic, and a parent. Dr. Riffel has studied general education, special education, behavioral interventions, applied behavior analysis, and cognitive and multiple disabilities.

Currently, she is the director of Behavior Doctor Seminars and travels the world sharing behavioral ideas with others who work with children with challenging behaviors. Her website is behaviordoctor.org.

This workshop is free and open to all students, faculty and staff. Seats are limited.

Please RVSP to Linda Cheung by October 1, 2016 at Lcheung4@fordham.edu.


Project REACH, a federally funded grant, is proud to present this professional development workshop. Any question or concerns about the project activities can be addressed to Dr. Su Je Cho (scho@fordham.edu).


School Counseling Event for Admitted Students

NSO 003

Students admitted to the School Counseling program are invited to join GSE Counseling faculty, students and alumni, and GSE Admissions to discuss academics, student life, and financial aid for the School Counseling Master’s program. Register.*

3:45–4:00pm: Arrival and Check-in
4:00-4:45pm: Welcome and Program Information with Dr. Merle Keitel
4:45-5:00pm: Meet and Greet with Students and Faculty
5:00-5:45pm: Panel Discussion: Current Students and Alumni, moderated by Dr. Joseph Ponterrotto
5:45-6:00pm: Q&A with Students and Faculty
6:00-6:15pm: Financial Aid
6:15: Self-Guided Tours


When registering, you will be prompted for a username and password. Use the same information you used while completing your application.

Mental Health and School Counseling Online Information Sessions

3c3c2-admissions2b003Join faculty members and Linda Horisk, Assistant Dean for Admissions, for a discussion on academics and student life at GSE, as well as the admissions process and financial aid opportunities.


Accreditation News

The Graduate School of Education is pleased to announce the recent national accreditation of its two master’s degree programs in counseling. Both the 60-credit School Counseling program and the 60-credit Mental Health Counseling program have received five-year (2015-2020) accreditations by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).

MPCAC is the first national accrediting body that demands excellence in training related to the core areas of social justice and neuroscience, two areas particularly consistent with Fordham University’s applied and scholarly mission.

MPCAC accreditation signifies that the Fordham master’s degree programs in counseling have demonstrated excellence in professional training in eleven core areas listed below:

  1. Professional Counselor Identity, Ethical Behavior, and Social Justice Practices
  2. Human Development and Wellness Across the Life Span
  3. Neuroscientific, Physical, and Biological Foundations of Human Development
  4. Ecological, Contextual, Multicultural, and Social Justice Foundations of Human Development
  5. Counseling, Consultation, and Social Justice Advocacy Theories and Skills
  6. Group Theory, Practice, and Social Justice Advocacy
  7. Career and Life Development
  8. Assessment of Human Behavior and Organizational/Community/Institutional Systems
  9. Tests and Measurements
  10. Traditional and Social Justice-Oriented Research and Evaluations
  11. Practicum/Internship Experiences

The counseling program’s core faculty and staff are listed below:


Left to Right: Amelio D’Onofrio, Joseph Ponterotto, Eric Chen, Jennie Park-Taylor, Mitchell Rabinowitz, Merle Keitel, Margo Jackson, Fran Blumberg, Elizabeth Casey


Exploring a Career in School Counseling

Hosted by the Fordham University Graduate School of Education and Career Services

Monday, December 15


President’s Dining Room
Fordham Lincoln Center Campus
113 W 60th St
New York, NY 10023

Questions we will explore together

  • Do you have an interest in working with and supporting students in K-12 settings?
  • Are you thinking about pursuing a career in school counseling?
  • Are you bilingual? If so, there is a need for bilingual school counselors.
  • What funding options are available to pursue a master’s degree in school counseling?
  • Would your past work experience or skills transfer to a new career in school counseling?
  • Do you have a background in education related field and are looking for a new job environment where you can use your training, skills and experience?
  • What is the work of school counselors like?
  • How is the job market for school counselors?

Our panelists will include a variety of professionals including our school counseling program coordinator Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor, our career advisor Abigail Ferreira as well as current students and alumni from our school counseling master’s degree program.


Faculty and Student Presentations: Counseling Psychology

This year’s Guidance Expo included Fordham GSE presentations from Counseling and Counseling Psychology masters and doctoral students, and faculty members.

The students in the middle: Lost and forgotten?

Presenters and Contributors: Lisa Suzuki, Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor, Dr. Merle Keitel “This workshop is open to all expo participants to increase awareness about the experience of the students who fall academically in the middle and also are not engaged in sports or the arts. Students that are neither academically gifted nor identified as having special needs can fall the cracks. As a consequence of being neglected they may disengage from school. Given the testing movement and state-mandated curricular requirements, these students are under extreme academic pressures but may not have the support they need. The school counselor’s role with students, family members, and school personnel will be highlighted.”

LGB and students of color: Risk and resiliency

Presenters and Contributors: Jane Berkman, Dr. Merle Keitel, Erin Ott “Significant concerns about the psychological health of LGB adolescents continue to surface. Compared to heterosexual teens, LGB adolescents are more likely to be victimized and bullied throughout their youth, engage in more frequent risk-taking behaviors, and are at higher risk for poor mental health outcomes. Suicide rates among LGB adolescents are almost four times those of heterosexual teens. LGB students of color experience more frequent and more intense microaggresssions than Caucasian LGB teens. This workshop will address race and ethnicity as they impact the experiences of LGB youth. The school counselor’s role with students, family members, and school personnel will be highlighted.”


Presenters and Contributors: Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor, Dr. Merle Keitel, Leah Contovasili, Siobhan Houlihan, Tracy Schaffzin, Kristen Lipari “This workshop is open to all expo participants to increase awareness about the prevalence, usage, risk factors, and warning signs related to the heroin epidemic. The physical, social, and psychological consequences of heroin use will be covered as well as strategies for preventing and intervention. The school counselor’s role with students, family, members, and school personnel will be highlighted.”